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What can be treated with MetalSkin Medical®?

In simple words, any part that can be touched can be treated in order to curb cross-transmission by contact surfaces. The base material is relatively less important since the technological process allows sticking on all kinds of support. A good amount of stiffness is however required to ensure controlled ageing.

In rooms, it is recommended to treat switches, door handles and windows, tap controls, support bars, flush button, lavatory seats, dining tables with movable trays, serum-holders, bed bar, control handles for inclining the bed, armrests, drawer knobs, etc..

How to acquire MetalSkin Medical®?

1 - While reconditioning existing products

2 - While purchasing a new equipment

MetalSkin Medical® solution for healthcare institutions.

antimicrobial copper

6 key assets that one can profit from in healthcare institutions:

The cost of the composite material is 5 to 20 times cheaper than that of solid copper, which makes this solution economically pertinent in terms of healthcare profit.

The composite is made of an alloy with at least 92% pure copper, the effectiveness of which has been validated by a study conducted in the Saint-Roch clinic of Montpellier under the authority of Pr JP Daures, (Director of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Clinical Research and Health Economics unit of the Faculty of Medicine in Montpellier).

An in-vitro study in a certified independent laboratory that confirmed the mortality rate of bacteria (3.65 log reduction in 1 hour for E. Coli)

A formulation that guarantees excellent resistance to maintenance and disinfection products and to wear and tear in general.

With its graphite colour, it naturally blends with current and future architectural trends, provides a great visual contrast and hides the natural phenomenon of oxidation.

A wide range of applications is available for both, new products and reconditioned elements.

Directors of healthcare institutions: More on “The innovation awarded during the Salon Sante et Autonomie”

antimicrobial copper
antimicrobial copper

The fundamentals of MetalSkin Medical® technology

The scientific literature is uniform on the following subject: copper is an active and highly effective metal in the fight against bacterial proliferation.

Even so, it must be noted that health institutions in France and Europe mostly have a very high and comprehensive level of hygiene. Based on this context, although the antibacterial treatment of contact elements is pertinent, it is only one of the many means to curb the risk of bacteria and virus cross-transmission.

In fact, copper treatment on door handles, switches, tap controls, hand rails or other supports clearly improves the sanitary quality of a place and is a lot more effective than materials doped with silver ions.

However, none of these methods can replace hygiene and cleaning protocols. It only improves the effectiveness of these protocols. This improvement cannot be done at just any price.

This is why it is necessary to introduce the concept of cost and consider the different options available today:

  • Do nothing and stake everything on the cleaning protocol. Problem: This ignores bacterial recontamination before the next cleaning operation,
  • Choose a “silver ion” solution, the main advantage of which is that it is colourless and not too expensive. Problem: The effectiveness is measured in-vitro according to a Japanese standard, which is impossible to co-relate with in-vivo clinical results.
  • Choose solid copper equipment. The effectiveness is unquestionable and is supported by in-vitro and clinical tests. Several problems: colour, oxidation visible on alloys with a very high content of copper, risk of theft and vandalism, and above all, a price that is completely unsuitable for significant addition of antibacterial contact surfaces to help achieve optimal hygienic efficacy.

MetalSkin Medical® is the only pertinent alternative that combines very high effectiveness with reduced price and high aesthetic quality.