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The fields of application are many (non-exhaustive list)

Medical equipment:


Food processing industry:

Treatment of wastes:

Public places:

Oil industry:


How to acquire MetalSkin Medical®?

1- While reconditioning existing products

2- While purchasing new equipment:

MetalSkin Medical® products

antimicrobial copper

The manufacturing partners of MetalSkin Medical®

MetalSkin Medical® has signed a distribution agreement in partnership with the Ideal STANDARD product range in order to provide them with antibacterial properties.

Other global partners have formed a rich network of new products that can be given antibacterial properties due to MetalSkin Medical® technology.

MetalSkin Medical® antibacterial technology

It is a composite material of 200 µm thickness having at least 92% copper content. The repercussion on the price is minimal because 250 g of copper per m2 is required. Adjustable and highly resistant to impacts, it can cover any type of material. Its dark anthracite grey colour gives a long-lasting aesthetic appearance, in which oxidation is not visible.

antibacterial technology 92% copper

The different forms of MetalSkin Medical®

MetalSkin Médical® is available in a thin (200 µ) and hard form. This formulation is suitable for elements with complicated contours having multiple reliefs (switches, handles, etc.), which will be treated in an industrial cycle.

Several versions, especially elastomers, have been patented for developing:

  • flexible, highly robust, anti-shock elements by moulding or casting,
  • flat elements that are highly malleable and deformable,
  • adhesive versions that can be used to easily carry out in situ equipment campaigns.

Processes required to adapt the MetalSkin Medical® solution to the manufacturers’ specifications are currently in progress.

antimicrobial copper
antimicrobial copper

Products treated with MetalSkin Medical®

Health institutions, office buildings, public transport or any community for that matter have benefited from the MetalSkin Medical® antibacterial technology for curbing the cross-transmission of bacteria.
A wide range of applications is available for both, new products and reconditioned elements, whether it is placed indoors or outdoors and in a dry or humid environment. An entire element or a subunit of even a small size can profit from the MetalSkin Medical® antibacterial treatment.

of a door handle

Glazing of a handrail

In simple words, any element that can be touched can be treated in order to curb cross-transmission by contact surfaces. The base material is relatively less important since the technological process allows sticking on all kinds of support. A good amount of stiffness is however required to ensure controlled ageing.

In rooms, it is recommended to treat:

    antibacterial switch antibacterial lavatory seats antibacterial remote controls
  • switches,
  • door and window handles,
  • tap controls,
  • support or pull-up bars,
  • flush system
  • lavatory seats,
  • dining tables with movable/adjustable trays,
  • serum/drip holders and stands,
  • bed bars,
  • control handles for inclining the bed,
  • armrests,
  • drawer knobs,
  • walking frames,
  • telephone casings,
  • call buttons/push
  • remote controls.

In dedicated departments or consultation services and entry corridors for visitors or health professionals, it is recommended to treat:

    antibacterial switch 
antibacterial tap
  • walking bars,
  • door crutches/handles,
  • switches,
  • tap controls,
  • flush system controls,
  • lavatory seats,
  • armrests,
  • computer keyboards and mouse devices,
  • telephone keypads,
  • elevator buttons,
  • switch plates/finger plates.

antibacterial technology 92% copper