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MetalSkin: an all-purpose antibacterial alloy at an affordable price

MetalSkin Medical® reacts exactly like copper and is backed by several clinical tests. Having now obtained its patent, the effectiveness of the solution should be supported by a scientific community.
In addition to its antibacterial properties, MetalSkin Medical®  is a dark grey alloy with a simple design that can be used not only in medical establishments, but also in hospitality, or even for interior design. A version made of 99.9% pure copper has been developed for underwater applications and for hydrocarbon environments. The release of copper ions affects the respiratory system of micro-organisms that try to settle on the treated surface.

M300 antifouling

Applicable to all types of surfaces and materials, the MetalSkin Medical® composite blends perfectly with the interior design of a house (switches, handles or other contact surfaces) and serves as an effective tool against bacteria.
The clinical study conducted by MetalSkin Medical® shows how it can curb bacterial proliferation. Moreover, an overall reduction in the number of bacteria is also witnessed over this period. These in-vivo measures have been verified via in-vitro experiments. For example, Escheria Coli, the bacteria responsible for gastroenteritis, was exposed to MetalSkin Medical®.

9000 CFU was applied to a surface coated with the MetalSkin Medical® composite and the same amount was applied to a smooth and frequently used plastic material.

At the end of an hour, the following were measured:

After 1 and a half hours, the following values were obtained respectively:

It therefore involves a self-sustaining decontamination process that ensures the extraordinarily rapid destruction and non-proliferation of bacteria. In particular, the MetalSkin Medical®  technology is meant for public places where viruses spread easily: hospitals, childcare centres, extended-day programmes, schools, public transport, office buildings and all communities.

MetalSkin Medical® has been integrated in the construction of the new clinic, St Roch, in Montpellier (Oc Sante Group with 235 rooms), the first in the world to incorporate it, thanks to the economic relevance of the MetalSkin Medical® solution: the equipment of all contact elements in a healthcare institution.

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Winner of the Innovation Trophy Prize at the Salon Santé et Autonomie 2014 in Paris

Innovation Trophy 2014Organised as part of the Salon Santé et Autonomie, the Innovation Trophies are awarded every year for innovative services, products or solutions, which contribute to modernising healthcare systems and organisations. The theme for the Innovation Trophies 2014 was “innovation in the health service”: Which innovation and for what purpose?” Out of the 24 candidates nominated in April 2014 based on 50 initial reports, the judging panel, which was chaired by Jacques Lewiner, announced 8 prize winners. In the category of healthcare safety, Meto & Co MetalSkin medical won the prize for “a composite coating with a very high content of copper. A very simple solution to effectively curb the growth of bacteria”. More...

antimicrobial copper

antimicrobial copper
antimicrobial copper

Who are we?

The MetalSkin Medical® evolution – The first alternative to solid copper made in France.
Copper is a unique metal known for its exceptional, self-sustaining, antibacterial properties. Its applications have multiplied over the years in different sectors, especially in the medical sector.

The only drawback? Its price. Based on this observation, the French company, Meto&Co developed MetalSkin Medical®, the only effective alternative to solid copper, having the same antibacterial properties as copper and costing 5 to 20 times less than copper!

An innovative company with a strong potential for international development

Supported by a team of investors and experienced entrepreneurs, and based on its expertise in metal plating; Stephane Penari, founder of Meto&Co, devised MetalSkin Medical®: a ground-breaking composite capable of replacing solid copper.
The universality of solution, its antibacterial properties and especially its reduced cost as compared to that of solid copper have stimulated interest among several entities involved in the medical sector in France and abroad.

Several global-scale manufacturers have shown keen interest in the MetalSkin Medical® solution, which helps them acquire a self-sustaining antibacterial technology that is highly advanced and, more importantly, affordable.
Thanks to an intense R&D effort, its technical expertise, its extensive network of manufacturing partners (business patents) and a considerable amount of economical potential (the health market covering childcare centres and EPHAD in France is estimated at 300 million Euros), the development prospects are very significant.

An eco-friendly solution that has already been approved by the experts

Since its inception, the MetalSkin Medical® team has given a lot of importance to environmental compliance.

The design is resolutely eco-friendly and the composite production is in the process of certification for setting up a strict policy and avoiding any risk of pollution.
Already acknowledged by the scientific committees, MetalSkin Medical® also received the Hopital Expo 2014 Innovation prize at Paris and was a finalist in the World Innovation Days for Health 2014 (WID4H) at Geneva.

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