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The manufacturing partners of MetalSkin Medical®

MetalSkin Medical® has signed a distribution agreement in partnership with the Ideal STANDARD product range.
Other global partners have formed a rich network of new products that can be given antibacterial properties due to MetalSkin Medical® technology. An asset that has become crucial for certain European countries in saving the population from a public health problem owing to the fresh outbreak of MRB (Multi-resistant Bacteria).

MetalSkin Medical® Technology

It is a composite material of 200 µm thickness having at least 92% copper content; the repercussion on the price is minimum because 250 g of copper per m2 is required. Adjustable and highly resistant to impacts, it can cover any type of material. Dark anthracite grey in colour, it gives a long-lasting aesthetic appearance in which oxidation is not visible.

antimicrobial copper

What can be treated with MetalSkin Medical® in healthcare institutions?

antimicrobial copper

There is a wide range of applications. Internal and external applications are available for both, new products and reconditioned elements, which may work in dry or humid environments. An entire element or a sub-unit of even a small size can profit from the MetalSkin Medical® antibacterial treatment.

In simple words, any element that can be touched can be treated in order to curb cross-transmission by contact surfaces. The base material is relatively less important since the technological process allows sticking on all kinds of support. A good amount of stiffness is however required to ensure controlled ageing.

In rooms, it is recommended to treat:

  • switches,
  • door and window handles,
  • tap controls,
  • support or pull-up bars,
  • flush system controls,
  • lavatory seats,
  • dining tables with movable/adjustable trays,
  • serum/drip holders and stands,
  • bed bars,
  • control handles for inclining the bed,
  • armrests,
  • drawer knobs,
  • walking frames,
  • telephone casings,
  • call buttons/push buttons,
  • remote controls.

In the dedicated departments or consultation services and entry corridors for visitors or health professionals, it is recommended to treat:

  • walking bars,
  • door crutches/handles,
  • switches,
  • tap controls,
  • flush system controls,
  • lavatory seats,
  • armrests,
  • computer keyboards and mouse devices,
  • telephone keypads,
  • elevator buttons,
  • switch plates/finger plates.

antimicrobial copper

How to acquire MetalSkin Medical®?

1- While reconditioning existing products:

  • Allow the healthcare institution or department to take an inventory of the existing elements to be treated (type and quantity),
  • Have an estimate of intervention drafted by Meto & Co, which includes the removal, treatment and delivery.
    The disassembly and reassembly are ensured internally by the technical department or the works engineers of the healthcare institution. If the disassembly is not possible, the elements can be treated on site on a case-by-case basis.
  • After installing the new anti-bacterial elements, Meto & Co issues a quality certificate and a MetalSkin Medical®  label to the healthcare institution for informing the staff, users and third parties concerned.

2- While purchasing new equipment:

  • Ask the equipment supplier if it already owns a MetalSkin Medical® dedicated range.
    • If yes, the products may be directly ordered from that supplier, which will ensure that the quality of alloys and composite materials is verified by MetalSkin Medical®.
    • If no, two options are available: either go for a supplier that has integrated MetalSkin Medical® in its product offer or request the unauthorised supplier to become a partner of MetalSkin Medical®.
  • Order the untreated elements in the supplier’s range and ask for them to be sent to MetalSkin Medical® for treatment. Strict compliance of the instructions required for defining the surfaces to be treated is ensured by the final customer and the partner supplier in order to avoid conflict with any standard body.
  • A “customised” treatment option for parts of specific elements is also available for custom-made treatments.