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Trophy for Innovation 2014

World Innovation Day

MetalSkin Presentation

antimicrobial copper

The performance of solid copper with the price of a composite

MetalSkin Medical® is a composite material used in surface treatment as part of antibacterial applications. Made of a copper alloy (minimum 92%) and High Quality polymer binders, a thin layer of MetalSkin Medical® can be applied on any material and transforms all or a part of an object into a highly effective and active antibacterial surface.

Globally patented in 2013, MetalSkin Medical® comes as a solution to public health problems (concerning healthcare professionals and medical equipment manufacturers), in terms of costs (up to 20 times less as compared with solid copper) and effectiveness.

MetalSkin Medical® has also received a good response from the food processing industry, public transport, buildings open to the public, waste management, etc. This technology equally obtains excellent results as an antifouling agent in aquatic environments.

Certified by well-known manufacturers, MetalSkin Medical® is acclaimed by Medical Experts, nominated for the World Innovation Days for Health 2014 at Geneva and Winner of Innovation Trophy at the Salon Santé et Autonomie (Hôpital Expo) 2014 in Paris.