MetalSkin® is a cold sprayable coating that can be implemented on a wide range of materials and shapes. It is a composite material combining polymers and a 92% copper alloy, applied in a 200 microns thick layer. Its use allow to divide by 3000 the counts of bacterias within one hour.

MetalSkin® is developing solid partnerships with industrials to integrate the bactericidal coating in their production process.

MetalSkin® aims at establishing a contractual relation to frame the technology transfer to its partners and give them the ability to create innovative products with a unique bactericidal power.

The MetalSkin® technology is patented worldwide in China, Japan, Australian, Europe, France and the United States of America.


MetalSkin® brings a new function to hand-touched elements: the self decontaminating action.

Our goal is to implement our technology within the production process of the main suppliers.

Healthcare Buildings
Public Places
Public Transportation
Pharmaceutical and Food Industries
I.T & Telephone