Material Safety Data Sheet: MetalSkin® & MS-Sticker®

MSDS MetalSkin® : French version English version   MSDS MS-Sticker® : French version English...

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New Microbiological Test Results for MS-Sticker® !

To have all the details of the results obtained by our self-decontaminating adhesive film MS-Sticker® as well as the test conditions : CLICK HERE...

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An updated scientific review about Copper & MetalSkin® (+ Test SARS-CoV-2)

MetalSkin® and Copper have been the topics of many studies. Here is a collection of updated data and analysis. A MetalSkin® Review on Copper antimicrobial...

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At which speed do bacterias die on MetalSkin®?

All bacterias don’t react following the same pattern when exposed to MetalSkin®. These data collected from the test of conformity to the standard NF S90-700 bring interesting knowledge on the bactericidal efficiency of our self-decontaminating surface....

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MetalSkin® outperforms the requisites of the NF S90-700

The standard NF S90-700 sets up a method to measure the basic bactericidal activity of non porous surfaces. Its requisites are that within 1 hour, 2 log of CFU must be killed in standard environmental conditions and this results must be obtained on 4 different bacterias . When tested following this protocol MetalSkin® has obtained...

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U.S. Study Establishes Mortality of Covid-19 on Copper

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine in March 2020 shows that copper has a biocidal action on COVID-19 which it eradicates in less than 4 hours. Other scientific sources further state that in the meantime, the virus loses its virulence. The text of this study can be consulted HERE: Aerosol and...

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