The MetalSkin Technology ecosystem

Two Certified Centers which perfectly master the installation of our coating MetalSkin® and are the only ones authorized to do so.

525, Z.I. La Plaine 01580 Izernore
Phone : +334 74 76 51 78
Mail :
Website :

9, Rue Vert Castel – ZI du Vert Castel 33700 Mérignac
Phone : +335 56 15 05 00
Mail :
Website :

Specialized Distributors who offer MS-Sticker®

Cocci network


Cart design

They trust us and use our MetalSkin® and MS-Sticker® solutions.

IT and connected objects

Bulk food distribution

Water hygiene

Phones, Digicode Porters

Accessories for aluminum and PVC joinery

Cart design

Aeronautics and Transport