MS-Sticker® TV report – JT TF1

When the MS-Sticker® technology was highlighted on the TF1 news channel (the first French television channel). Buses, operated by Transdev, equipped with our bactericidal and virucidal adhesive film to protect users at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

Covid : Hérault Logement will equip its senior residences with a self-decontaminating device – Hérault Tribune

As part of its commitment to its senior tenants, Hérault Logement is experimenting, starting this July 2021, with a self-decontaminating device, MS-Sticker®, in the common areas of its residences. Thanks to an innovative process developed in Balaruc, Hérault Logement protects its senior tenants from bacteria and viruses, including that of Covid-19, by installing on the contact points of the common […]

MetalSkin says stop to Covid – Mag’in France

It’s a known fact that contact surfaces such as light switches and stair railings are breeding grounds for germs and viruses. With MS-Sticker ® flexible adhesives from MetalSkin Technologies, all these surfaces can become self-decontaminating and stay that way. To read the full article (in French), please click here!

Stéphane Penari surfaces against the coronavirus (Portrait) – Les Echos

At the age of 51, the founder of MetalSkin developed a virucidal and antibacterial paint. And he claims that his coating could wipe out 99.95% of SARS-CoV-2 on certain surfaces. The product has already been licensed under patent to several companies. While the contractor is preparing a bactericidal tape. To read the full article (in French), click here ! 

MS-Sticker®, the first bactericidal and virucidal adhesive tape – Les Echos

MetalSkin Technologies will offer an adhesive that eliminates 99% of bacteria in three minutes and inhibits 99.5% of CoV-2-SARS in two to four hours. The company has just signed a contract with UUDS, a specialist in the design and decontamination of aircraft cabins, which has diversified into the disinfection of public transport. To read the full article (in French), click […]

MetalSkin Technologies launches a self-decontaminating adhesive – TRAITEMENTS & MATERIAUX

MS-Sticker® is formulated with an alloy composed mainly of copper. MetalSkin Technologies invented and patented MetalSkin®, a coating with bactericidal and virucidal properties, certified under real conditions of use. The French company presents a new product : MS-Sticker®, the adhesive and flexible variant of MetalSkin®. Initially created for use in hospitals, the French MetalSkin® technology is the result of work […]

MS-Sticker®, A self-decontaminating adhesive to protect from Covid-19 – ENJEUX RH

When the pandemic began, Metalskin Technologies had just patented a technology for a self-decontaminating copper-based surface coating, the result of 15 years of research. The Hérault industrialist saw the demand explode and now offers an adhesive using its technology that is resistant, flexible and easy to apply. A few months before the pandemic, in mid-2019, the French company Metalskin Technologies […]

January 2021 Best-of watch: new developments in transportation – CETIM

A hydrogen-powered train, a ship’s propeller made in additive manufacture and a very high speed autonomous train… this new collection of watch notes published by Cetim puts the world of transport in the honor. Spain has its hydrogen train! The Talgo Vittal-One, the first train of this type developed by the Spanish manufacturer, is functional and will begin its tests […]

Technology, hygiene and well-being: the ideal home in the Covid-19 era – Le Monde

Do we need to transform our habitats now that the pandemic has made us new sedentary? How can we think of a relationship to the home that has been disrupted by the generalization of telework and confinement? Piece by piece sketch of a new domestic lifestyle. To read the full article (in French), click here!

The interest of self-decontaminating surfaces with biocidal properties – SALLES PROPRES

The interest of self-decontaminating surfaces with biocidal properties Today, self-decontaminating surface materials appear as relevant solutions in the cleanroom perimeter. The NF S90-700 published in 2019 thus provides reference texts in the field. Several trials have recently been carried out in French clinics. A summary article on self-decontaminating surfaces: a must-read! To read the entire article (in French), click here […]

AIR AND SURFACE SANITATION: New technologies for disinfection – L’Auvergnat de Paris

In the merciless fight that the CHRs are waging against the Covid-19, an emergency door may well appear through innovative systems, usually used in industry or hospitals, to purify the air and sanitize surfaces. The anti-Covid protection system installed by Alain Ducasse at Allard, to filter the ambient air and bring a healthy breath of fresh air to each table […]

The nugget: MetalSkin® has developed a coating against bacteria and viruses – BFM BUSINESS

This Wednesday, November 18, in the column La pépite, Lorraine Goumot receives Stéphane Penari, founder and president of MetalSkin Technologies SAS. He talked about Metalskin’s bactericidal paint which is copper-based to eradicate bacteria, microbes, germs and viruses. To see the full interview (in French), click here! 

Positive in the pandemic: here are 10 amazing innovations related to coronavirus –

Positive in the pandemic: here are 10 amazing innovations related to coronavirus The coronavirus has changed our habits: social distancing, masking… Measures that are not always easy to observe. Companies are looking to innovate to help us. Contactless” is becoming king, technology is calling you to order and destructive virus protection is flourishing everywhere. Here are 10 amazing innovations that […]

MetalSkin® offers antibacterial and anti-virus coating of surfaces – France Bleu

MetalSkin® offers antibacterial and anti-virus coating of surfaces The company located in Balaruc-les-Bains has developed a bactericidal coating formulated with an alloy composed mainly of copper, which can be applied to many everyday objects. -99.95% in 4 hours : the virucidal activity of the coating designed by MetalSkin® has been tested and validated by the CNRS, within the CEMIPAI laboratory […]

“Are you familiar with MetalSkin® solutions […]?” – Capgeris

Are you familiar with MetalSkin® solutions, a contact point coating that divides by 3000 the number of bacteria in 1 hour according to the NF S90-700 standard? MetalSkin® proves its efficiency to protect the nursing staff (door handles, taps, switches …). In Seine-et-Marne, Santépole, the association of the Saint Jean l’Ermitage clinic and the Melun hospital, is located. Inaugurated in […]

Sanitary metallurgy: copper, its alloys and microbial control – TRAITEMENTS & MATERIAUX

Sanitary metallurgy: copper, its alloys and microbial control Copper enters the history of mankind during the Neolithic period. It has antimicrobial properties recognized since antiquity, very useful to play a barrier role in the spread of microbes. Some study results highlight the qualities of copper for its sanitary virtues. To read the entire article (in French), click here !

An antivirus paint – Sudouest

An antivirus paint MÉRIGNAC Fluorotechnique will offer its customers a self-decontaminating bactericidal and virucidal copper-based coating. Will Fluorotechnique benefit from a promising growth driver? Benjamin Morin, Managing Director of the company, is convinced of this. Located in Vert Castel since 2014, this company, whose head office is in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), specializes in surface treatment. “We usually apply non-stick and self-lubricating […]

Innovations to limit the risk of epidemics – Géroscopie

Innovations to limit the risk of epidemics To fight epidemics and reduce the risk of infection, there is nothing like repeated hygiene measures. However, when used in addition, certain materials or technological innovations limit the transmission and proliferation of viruses, bacteria or fungi, responsible for gastroenteritis, influenza, even Covid-19… Copper, Ehpad’s ally Copper is an antibacterial metal with interesting properties. […]

MetalSkin®, bactericidal coating – PIC

Article in French.

A permanent virucidal coating – Cad.magazine

Article in French.

Silver and copper in the assault of microorganisms – METALFLASH

Article in French.

Metals against Covid-19 – L’USINE NOUVELLE

The Covid-19 pandemic rekindled interest in the bactericidal and virucidal properties of certain metals, such as copper, zinc and silver. The health crisis and concerns about transmission by contact (door handles, bars and transport grab handles, etc.) are highlighting the bactericidal and virucidal properties of certain metals, such as copper, zinc and silver. […] In the Hérault region of France, […]

“MetalSkin® […] becomes the first permanent virucidal coating.” – La Gazette du Laboratoire

Fights against COVID-19 – MetalSkin® kills 99.95% of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in 4 hours and becomes the first permanent virucidal coating. Researchers from the CEMIPAI laboratory (Centre d’Etudes des Maladies Infectieuses et Pharmacologie Anti-Infectieuses – CNRS unit / University of Montpellier) UMS 3725 of the CNRS of Montpellier have measured the reaction of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on the MetalSkin®(1) coating. The results […]

Copper, silver, UV … all these means to fight against the virus – ZEPROS

[Zepros Bâti] The time has come for a counter-attack. French industrialists have been concentrating for several months to fight against the ubiquitous coronavirus and several seem to have found solutions to slow its spread in buildings. Textiles with silver ions, copper alloy paint, heated glass, ultraviolet diodes, the imagination of scientists is boundless. Firing up all kinds of wood to […]

“I spent 10 years explaining that surfaces are a potential hazard.” – Widoobiz

One thing is sure with this Covid-19, it deeply questions our lifestyles, our habits. Only a few months ago, talking about anti-bacterial paints, outside the specialized press, was part of investigative journalism, today it is almost obvious. We take stock with Stéphane Pénari, founder of MetalSkin Technologies. An antimicrobial paint, concretely how does it work? MetalSkin® is a copper-filled composite […]

Covid-19 : what sustainable innovations in the face of microbiological risks ? – Actu Environnement

In this second section devoted to eco-responsible technologies to prevent the proliferation of microbiological pathogens, Actu-Environnement presents leads on new bactericidal and virucidal materials. Copper is a naturally biocidal metal (bactericidal and virucidal). However, it is impossible, given the price of this metal, to imagine producing all door handles, handrails, grab bars, faucets and all flat surfaces with solid copper. […]

Coronavirus: from the toilet door to manuportage contamination – SDBPRO

If hygiene in public washrooms – touchless faucets and hand dryers – is advanced, it stops at the door handle. But the coronavirus has awakened people’s awareness and we can bet that in all high-risk places (hospitals, Ehpad, offices, schools…), contaminating surfaces (handrails, switches, keyboards, mice…) will quickly become biocidal. Anyone who washes and dries his or her hands before […]

“And the Copper became bactericidal paint” – Galvano Organo

And copper becomes a bactericidal paint MetalSkin Technologies, TPE from Hérault, France, has developed a paint using the strong antiseptic properties of copper to eradicate bacteria, microbes, germs and viruses, for use in the hospital environment… at least initially! This is the mission carried out by MetalSkin Technologies (200,000 euros in sales), which is based on knowledge used 2,500 years […]

Interview of Stéphane Penari, MetalSkin Technologies, in La France Bouge – Europe 1

Because our MetalSkin® solution is a technology of the future, made in France, with a global and transversal aim, Raphaelle Duchemin in her radio show “La France qui Bouge” on Europe 1 and the jury of the Trophées de l’Avenir decided to select us in the Health category. This is a beautiful spotlight on our project, whose relevance is highlighted […]

« MetalSkin®, […] at the origins of a revolutionary standard » – Les Echos

MetalSkin®: a bactericidal paint that sets a revolutionary standard MetalSkin Technologies, based in Balaruc-les-Bains in the Hérault region of France, has developed a copper-based paint to eradicate bacteria, microbes, germs and viruses, particularly in the hospital environment. The TPE, winner in the “take a step ahead” category, has made work on the standard one of its spearheads in terms of […]

« MetalSkin® […], radically efficient » – Le Figaro Santé

MetalSkin®, a radically effective bacteria-killing French paint A french start-up has patented a composite material formulated with copper that could be a true revolution in the control of bacterial contaminations. In 2014, MetalSkin® already received an innovation award. Since then, the company has imposed a reflection on the standards for bactericidal surfaces. Afnor (the agency in charge of standards) has […]

« A new AFNOR standard on bactericidal Surfaces »- TEC-HOPITAL

A new Afnor standard evaluates the effectiveness of bactericidal surfaces PARIS, June 3, 2019 (TecHopital) – In order to strengthen the fight against nosocomial diseases in the hospital, Afnor announced at the Paris Healthcare Week that the publication of a new standard (NF S90-700) on the efficacy of biocidal surfaces. To evaluate the effectiveness of bactericidal surfaces, until now there […]

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