Are you familiar with MetalSkin® solutions, a contact point coating that divides by 3000 the number of bacteria in 1 hour according to the NF S90-700 standard?

MetalSkin® proves its efficiency to protect the nursing staff (door handles, taps, switches …).

In Seine-et-Marne, Santépole, the association of the Saint Jean l’Ermitage clinic and the Melun hospital, is located. Inaugurated in 2018, Santépole is a major health project to improve the department’s healthcare offer and is based on the complementarity of public and private sector offers on the same site.

The choice of self-decontamination

At Santépole, the technical level and construction quality of the two buildings (which are physically separated by only one corridor) are similar, as are the cleaning and disinfection protocols in place.

However, as soon as it opened, the Saint Jean de l’Ermitage clinic (a doctocare® establishment, the health operator of the DocteGestio® group), wished to equip itself with contact elements complying with the NF S90-700 standard on bactericidal surfaces. To do so, it called upon MetalSkin® technology so that all door handles, handrails, taps and handrails would be covered with the permanent self-decontaminating solution developed by the French company MetalSkin Technologies.

The results compared to Covid-19

During the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, Melun hospital experienced more than twenty cases of contamination among its nursing staff, while the Saint Jean l’Ermitage clinic did not record any.

Doctor Cosson, President of the Saint Jean l’Ermitage clinic, specifies: “This observation must be analyzed with prudence and scientific rigor, but we cannot fail to mention the possible consequence of the use of self-decontaminating contact surfaces in our establishment. »

The proven virucidal properties of MetalSkin® under normal field conditions (according to a study carried out by the CEMIPAI laboratory of the CNRS in Montpellier) had a direct effect. As a reminder, MetalSkin® inhibits 99.5% of the SARS-Cov-2 Coronavirus in 4 hours and the applied solution is effective for 10 years, in a single application and without any particular maintenance.

“The presence of MetalSkin® in the clinic probably contributed to a reduction of the risk of cross-contamination, to the immediate benefit of our nursing staff who were almost exclusively circulating in the facility at that time” added the President of the clinic.

The French MetalSkin® technology is more than ever an obvious and necessary response to the global problem of virus transfer at manual contact points.

“The use of self-decontaminating surfaces on a large scale in a healthcare establishment has therefore just demonstrated its relevance. It is a hope for all public places in general and Healthcare buildings in particular” concludes Stéphane Penari, founder and President of MetalSkin Technologies SAS.

This places MetalSkin® at the top of the hierarchy of self-decontaminating surfaces and represents the new, indisputable, internationally patented quality standard. It is the future of hygiene in both public and private areas.


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