When the pandemic began, Metalskin Technologies had just patented a technology for a self-decontaminating copper-based surface coating, the result of 15 years of research. The Hérault industrialist saw the demand explode and now offers an adhesive using its technology that is resistant, flexible and easy to apply.

A few months before the pandemic, in mid-2019, the French company Metalskin Technologies patented the invention of its self-decontaminating coating that provides 99% protection against bacteria and 99.5% protection against the Sars-Cov-2 virus (Covid-19). The result of nearly 15 years of research work for the start-up officially created in 2013. Since the pandemic, masks and hydroalcoholic gel are now part of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) mandatory in companies. However, there is no real prevention of transmission through the surfaces affected on a daily basis in places frequented by people. These include door handles or workstations in offices, but also working environments in industry, logistics, retail or construction sites, for example.

A ready-to-use adhesive for SMEs

The coating is a composite combining polymers and a 92% copper alloy, applied to a thickness of 200 µm. It is the biocidal properties of the metal that are at the origin of the protection. The application of the coating makes the surfaces self-decontaminating in a way. The technology eradicates 99% of bacteria in 3 minutes and inhibits 99.5% of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) in 2 to 4 hours. According to the company, it has “demonstrated its effectiveness in everyday conditions and in very short periods of time, according to the strictest standards, including NF S90-700”. To facilitate the equipping of surfaces or buildings in very small and medium-sized businesses and craftsmen, Metalskin Technologies has designed a flexible and resistant adhesive based on its technology. It can be applied to any flat, cylindrical and relief-free surface such as door handles or switches.

Technology licensed to manufacturers

Metalskin Technologies licenses its patented technology and know-how to industrialists, who design and produce. It has registered its invention with intellectual property protection authorities worldwide (Europe, China, Japan, Australia, United States, etc.). For example, Le Francilien Pixika has designed phone shells, keyboards, mice, external batteries, USB keys, all of which are bactericidal. Bulk & Co in Yonne, a manufacturer of bulk food distribution devices, has equipped the handles of its silos for dry grocery stores with them.

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