MetalSkin® offers antibacterial and anti-virus coating of surfaces

The company located in Balaruc-les-Bains has developed a bactericidal coating formulated with an alloy composed mainly of copper, which can be applied to many everyday objects.

-99.95% in 4 hours : the virucidal activity of the coating designed by MetalSkin® has been tested and validated by the CNRS, within the CEMIPAI laboratory (Centre d’Etudes des Maladies Infectieuses et Pharmacologie Anti-Infectieuses – CNRS unit / University of Montpellier). The founder Stéphane Penari is currently facing a strong development of his company.

If the process seems innovative, this invention was nevertheless born in his grandfather’s farm.

“My grandfather used to tighten a copper wire to prevent mosses from growing on the roof. Several years later, I took up this idea by transforming copper by incorporating binders to make a surface treatment that we will be able to apply in the factories of manufacturers of door handles, faucet switches or any element that we will be able to touch with our hands,” explains Stéphane Penari, founder of MetalSkin®.

In the heart of a health crisis, the MetalSkin® coating “proved that it could inhibit the virus in 3 or 4 hours, compared to an average of 28 hours on conventional surfaces”, explains the director.

While this solution is gradually being developed and adopted by healthcare institutions, the company is preparing the release of new objects already equipped with this coating, and is in the process of recruiting new staff.

“The future looks good for us as we will be bringing new products to market, including computer keyboards, mice, adhesives. I now need to recruit lawyers, sales people, business developers”, explains Stéphane Penari.

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