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“Coup de Coeur” Made in France by Yves Jego

Yves JEGO is an attentive observer of our development and we thank him for this extremely sympathetic presentation! We also underline his lucidity on the heterogeneity of the offer on the market and his support for our long term work on the standards! However, we must point out that 3M is not our industrial partner...

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MetalSkin joins the “French Anti-Covid Industries Committee”

MetalSkin Technologies was present for the meeting organized this morning by Leonidas Kalogeropoulos within the framework of “Entrepreneurs For The Republic”. We were able to present our innovations certified according to NFS90-700 and their concrete applications. Our work around the #qualite and the commitment for an increased #environmental hygiene did not fail to interest Jean...

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New Fire/Smoke Certification in Transportation!

Our virucidal and bactericidal surfaces have obtained the maximum level of HL3-R1 certification in terms of fire/smoke safety in transport (EN45545 standard) This adds a new mark of excellence to #metalskin and #mssticker in addition to the NF S90-700 compliance on bactericidal surfaces. Meeting global safety requirements in real life conditions is what MetalSkin Technologies...

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Kaufman & Broad has decided to protect its employees!

Kaufman & Broad decided to protect its teams by equipping its headquarters with our biocidal solutions that eradicate 99.96% of bacteria and inhibit 99.5% of SARS-CoV-2 : – MetalSkin® → coating for door handles because it’s enough to open doors with your foot or elbow! – MS-Sticker® → adhesive film for stair railings and toilet...

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MetalSkin do Brasil is born!

MetalSkin do Brasil is born. We created a company there to expand our efforts to promote our biocidal technology #metalskin, together with our partner Luhan Soriano Vaz. We have had many meetings among which our visit to the Brazilian Presidency palace. This meeting went beyond our expectations and we met interest, enthusiasm, and strong commitment to promote...

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Clean Hospitals Digital Days

We will be at Clean Hospitals Digital Days on 7/12/2021. Join us to learn about the state of the art in terms of environmental hygiene and how we are developing the disruptive innovation that is #metalskin #hygiene #healthcare #sustainable...

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