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MetalSkin is nominated for the Europe1 Trophies of the Future

MetalSkin® is a very promising solution for the future. This is a project made in France with global and transversal objectives. Raphaelle Duchemin has selected us to present our innovation in her daily show on the radio: « La France qui Bouge » (« The France that moves forward »). She also invited MetalSkin® to...

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MetalSkin won the « Or Norme » Trophy / AFNOR

The AFNOR (French Agency for Normalisation) has awarded MetalSkin Technologies for its involvement in the project NF S90-700. We won the « Or Normes » trophy in the category « Be a step ahead ». This award is of course the recognition of our commitment but also the confirmation of the quality of this standard...

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MetalSkin becomes a Stakeholder of Clean Hospitals

We are extremely proud to announce that we have become stakeholders of the Clean Hospitals organization. This is an international group of scientists, professors, industrials, entrepreneurs…all dedicated to find and develop solutions for a better hygiene and safety in healthcare facilities. Clean Hospitals was initiated by Pr Didier Pittet, the inventor of the HAS and...

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Finally: Publication of the NF S90-700 standard !

We have been working for months together with key actors of health safety in France (ANSES, SF2H), famous microbiologists (such as Ms Christine Roques, President of both the Commission of Standardization on Biocidal Surfaces and Disinfectants), bio-statisticians, epidemiologists, experts in materials and industrials. The outcome of this work was a text that the AFNOR has...

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PIXIKA chooses MetalSkin®

PIXIKA (ex GOO CONNECT) has signed a partnership agreement to develop a range of Hi-Tech antimicrobial objects. One of the main actors on the market of the connected objects, the company GOO CONNECT, is going to develop new ranges of objects endowed with high antimicrobial performances, thanks to MetalSkin®, to answer the sanitary risks created...

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The Clinic St Jean l’Ermitage is equipped with MetalSkin®

A second establishment equipped with MetalSkin®. MetalSkin Technologies has equipped the St Jean l’Ermitage clinic in Melun with its antibacterial composite. The door handles, the handrails in the corridors, as well as the taps have been coated with MetalSkin®. This is the second clinic in France to be extensively equipped with a higher level of...

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