The effectiveness of MetalSkin® has been tested in situ

A crossover study was carried out by Pr J.P Daurès, epidemiologist and director of the biostatistics of the Montpellier University and M.G Leroy, hygienist and board member of the French Hygienists Society. This study covered 6 bedrooms of a surgery ward, with 7 contact areas per room, over 8 weeks. This study shows that the...

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A great Talk by Jon Otter in Odense (Denmark) in 2016

Jon Otter, from Imperial College of London, is one of the world most famous speakers in infection control. He is also a member of Clean Hospital’s academic committee. We were glad to attend his tremendous talk during the 2016 WEEK OF HEALTH AND INNOVATION about the role of dry surface contamination To take advantage of...

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