Fights against COVID-19 – MetalSkin® kills 99.95% of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in 4 hours and becomes the first permanent virucidal coating.

Researchers from the CEMIPAI laboratory (Centre d’Etudes des Maladies Infectieuses et Pharmacologie Anti-Infectieuses – CNRS unit / University of Montpellier) UMS 3725 of the CNRS of Montpellier have measured the reaction of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on the MetalSkin®(1) coating.

The results demonstrate a 99.95% virucidal activity of MetalSkin Medical® on coronavirus in 4 hours under normal environmental conditions. This discovery places MetalSkin®, already NF S90-700 compliant on bactericidal surfaces, at the top of the hierarchy of self-decontaminating surfaces by becoming the first truly virucidal coating.
Post-aging studies have also confirmed 10-year efficacy.

Surfaces coated with MetalSkin® thus durably and continuously protect people against the daily risks associated with contact with grab bars in transport, door handles, computer keyboards and mice, telephone shells, taps, elevator buttons, ramps, etc…

“We are all exposed to potentially dangerous pathogens, be they viruses, bacteria or other microbes. Thanks to the results obtained in real-life conditions, and not only in the laboratory, the MetalSkin® solution is now the undisputed reference for effectively improving hygiene and health safety in health establishments, public places, transport and private places”.
Stéphane Penari, President of MetalSkin Technologies SAS and inventor of MetalSkin®.

(1) MetalSkin® is a copper-based composite coating developed by MetalSkin Technologies SAS and internationally patented. Winner of several innovation awards and distinctions, MetalSkin Technologies SAS has been working on active surfaces since 2010.

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