The METALSKIN ecosystem is growing 2/2

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MetalSkin strengthens its production capacities to meet the market demand in an optimal way!

We are proud to offer our customers and licensees our third certified center based in the Centre-Val de Loire: Pôle Traitements de Surface / Chimicolor.

Thanks to its modern facilities and an expert workforce, it will be able to focus on medium and large series.

Thank you to Rodolphe Beaujoint for his involvement and his confidence!

The METALSKIN ecosystem is growing 1/2

Atout Composites x MetalSkin

MetalSkin strengthens its product offer on the market!

Following the presentation of its disruptive antimicrobial basin and the success met by the market, it was logical to sign a long term partnership with a licensee who wishes to revolutionize water hygiene, ATOUT COMPOSITES, congratulations to Philippe RACAPE!

Thank you to them for trusting us and their will to be part of tomorrow’s surface hygiene!


New award for MetalSkin !

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageIt is always pleasant to be distinguished by an award, and this is the first time that MetalSkin Technologies has received a distinction from its bank, for its performance and its export strategy.

This is the opportunity to underline the remarkable support we have received from the #banquepopulaire since the beginning of the MetalSkin® adventure (about ten years ago…), with an ever renewed support and the attentive listening of Céline MARTIN and then Xavier Amiot who believe in us and to whom, step after step of this long project, we strive to present the best results and the realization of our commitments ! Thanks to them!


MetalSkin x SBCC x SindHosp

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageLast night we gathered a select group of people around the MetalSkin project, in partnership with the SBCC – Sociedade Brasileira de Controle de Contaminação. We had the privilege to welcome around a nice dinner, hospital directors, facility managers, pharmaceutical laboratories, professional unions like the one of nurses and SindHosp, which gathers private health actors in the state of São Paulo, industrialists, public transport managers and specialists of law, regulation and marketing in the medical universe.

They all recognized the opportunity that #metalskin represents to improve environmental health. This is a step forward towards the deployment of our solutions in the country and the expert recognition of the relevance of our proposals!

Visit of the French Consul Yves Teyssier d’Orfeuil on our stand in Hospitalar (Brazil)

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageMr. Yves Teyssier d’Orfeuil, the French consul, visited our booth in Hospitalar and spoke at length about our ambitions in Brazil. The scope of our innovations, the energies they unite locally and the health and social issues they address were of particular interest to the representative of the French government in São Paulo. It’s nice to feel, far from home, a clear support from your country!

Antimicrobial REVolution in Brazil!

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Very nice meeting yesterday at the REV company around the subject of ambulances. Our recent achievements for the Firemen Emergency Vehicles pleaded in favor of a convergence between MetalSkin Technologies and REV to offer ambulances on the Brazilian market which, while saving lives, protect intervention personnel from infectious risks on surfaces.

The remarkable performance of #metalskin was of course the major argument in convincing REV to be the first vehicle processor to integrate antimicrobial surfaces into its services.

We will keep you informed of future developments!

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Meet us from May 17 to 20 at the Hospitalar trade show in São Paulo!

Meet us from May 17 to 20 at the Hospitalar trade show in São Paulo. Hospitalar is an international trade fair dedicated to products and equipments for hospitals, care facilities and laboratories. Many innovations will be presented and more than 90 000 visitors are expected.

We will be on the French Pavilion with other very innovative companies 🇫🇷 🚀 :airinspace Business France (Export) BIOSYNEX CAIR LGL Didactic – Dispositifs Médicaux LAPE MEDICAL MICROVAL M.I.D. TESSAN TODA PHARMA

MetalSkin do Brasil has just concluded a partnership with FUNAP!

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageMetalSkin do Brasil has just concluded a partnership with FUNAP. This organization aims at promoting the social reintegration of young desocialized Brazilians. This partnership gives ground to the social dimension of the development of #metalskin in Brazil. These young people will work to transform and implement our antimicrobial surfaces for the benefit of the Brazilian people, in public transportation and in the SUS (Universal HealthCare Service) for instance.

The ISO 7581 standard is coming!

Aucune description alternative pour cette imageThe work of the ISO/TC 330 Technical Committee at the ISO – International Organization for Standardization is continuing to publish the new international standard on the bactericidal action of antimicrobial surfaces. Led by AFNOR Group, this technical committee will produce standards that will finally take into account the final use of the product, and in particular the environmental conditions! This is the announced end of standards used to qualify the action of surfaces in conditions of humidity, temperature and contact time, which are unrelated to reality.

This is a considerable leap forward in the evaluation of antimicrobial surfaces, for the benefit and safety of all!