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MetalSkin®, a disinfection solution for buses – Mobilités Magazine

14/12/2021 – At Roissy Charles Gaulle airport, an experiment was conducted in November 2021 by the companies UUDS Aero, Transdev and Metalskin Technologies in a bus.

This experiment aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the combination of the use of MetalSkin® biocidal coating on contact points and periodic disinfection.

According to the results announced, the conclusions of this experiment are extremely positive and conclusive: the surfaces remained very slightly contaminated throughout the duration of the study.

This seems to provide public transport with an innovative solution to effectively and permanently protect the users who use it daily. In this sense, it is a real revolution in transport hygiene.

The microbial loads measured during 21 days on the contact points equipped with MetalSkin® remained constantly below the significance threshold (50), and often equal to zero.

In other words, between two disinfections (every three days), the elements equipped with MetalSkin® presented an excellent level of hygiene never reached over such a period of time.

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Bus Interior Design –

Antimicrobial film

The French company MetalSkin Technologies has developed MetalSkin, an antimicrobial adhesive film combining polymers and an alloy with 92% copper. This film is to be applied on surfaces in contact with travelers to limit sanitary risks.

The application of this film, combined with periodic disinfection of the bars, reduces the microbial load on these surfaces.

Barres de maintien avec revêtement biocide MetalSkin
Handrails with MetalSkin biocide coating in a Transdev Solaris bus at Roissy CDG (photo: MetalSkin).
This product was tested in October 2021 on the stainless steel bars of a Solaris bus of Transdev at Roissy CDG.

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ONDE É TOCADO, NÃO HÁ CONTAMINAÇÃO – Revista Autobus (Article in Portuguese)

Ainda, segundo a fabricante da tecnologia, a versão adesiva tem uma ação permanente que erradica 99,96% das bactérias e inibe 99,5% da SARS CoV-2

A empresa francesa MetalSkin Technologies, especialista em revestimentos antimicrobianos desde a sua criação, em 2007, realizou, recentemente, no aeroporto de Paris Charles Gaulle (França), uma experiência em um ônibus do translado interno para demonstrar a eficácia do uso de seu revestimento biocida MetalSkin® nos pontos de contato e com desinfecção periódica. Participaram do projeto as empresas UUDS Aero e Transdev.

De acordo com a empresa, as cargas microbianas medidas durante 21 dias nos pontos de contato permaneceram consistentemente abaixo do nível de significância (50), e muitas vezes igual a zero. Em outras palavras, segundo informou, entre duas desinfecções, os elementos equipados com o revestimento mostraram um excelente nível de higiene nunca alcançado durante um período tão longo.

Ainda, segundo a fabricante da tecnologia, a versão adesiva tem uma ação permanente que erradica 99,96% das bactérias e inibe 99,5% da SARS CoV-2. A eficiência, conforme informou a empresa, foi medida de acordo com a norma NF S90-700 que se aplica para a avaliação de superfícies biocidas em condições reais e normais. E, a partir de agora, o mercado brasileiro poderá contar com mais esse recurso que promove a higienização dos pontos críticos dentro de um ônibus com a chegada da MetalSkin do Brasil e suas soluções anti-Covid.

More than satisfactory test of MetalSkin biocide in Transdev buses – Autocar & Bus Infos

An experiment conducted on the Roissy airport shuttle buses by UUDS Aero, Transdev and MetalSkin Technologies has demonstrated the effectiveness of the MetalSkin biocide coating on contact points such as handrails and other on-board equipment and coatings. During 21 days, the microbial loads remained at levels below the significance level of 50 and often equal to 0. Nine contact surfaces were equipped with MetalSkin, with disinfection occurring every 3 days. Measurements were taken periodically for 21 days. According to UUDS Aero and Transdev, “between 2 disinfections, the equipped elements presented an excellent level of hygiene never reached over such a period of time”.

MS-Sticker® TV report – JT TF1

When the MS-Sticker® technology was highlighted on the TF1 news channel (the first French television channel).

Buses, operated by Transdev, equipped with our bactericidal and virucidal adhesive film to protect users at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

Covid : Hérault Logement will equip its senior residences with a self-decontaminating device – Hérault Tribune

As part of its commitment to its senior tenants, Hérault Logement is experimenting, starting this July 2021, with a self-decontaminating device, MS-Sticker®, in the common areas of its residences.

Thanks to an innovative process developed in Balaruc, Hérault Logement protects its senior tenants from bacteria and viruses, including that of Covid-19, by installing on the contact points of the common areas, the coating designed by the company MetalSkin Technologies.

Bactericidal and virucidal surfaces

Door and gate handles, call buttons and elevator handrails will thus be under high sanitary protection. This innovative process, tested in accordance with the NF S90-700 standard, makes it possible to evaluate the bactericidal action of a surface under real environmental conditions. It is currently being tested at the Les Albizzias residence in Montpellier. It is expected to be extended to all the residences with more than 20 units that have been awarded the Habitat Senior Services label by the social landlord, i.e. 21 residences for 809 units.

A multi-award winning concept

The Metalskin Technologies coating has a bactericidal action of 99% in minutes on bacteria, and 99.97% in 1 hour. The virucidal action also observed by the CNRS allows a 68% inhibition of the virulence of SarsCov-2 in 1 hour and 99.5% between 2 and 4 hours. This concept was awarded the Innovation Trophy at Hospital Expo 2014, and has since been developed by the Balaruc-based company, Metalskin Technologies. It also received the Best VSE Award in 2017 and the Trophée Or Normes Afnor 2019.


MetalSkin Technologies launches a self-decontaminating adhesive – TRAITEMENTS & MATERIAUX

MS-Sticker® is formulated with an alloy composed mainly of copper.

MetalSkin Technologies invented and patented MetalSkin®, a coating with bactericidal and virucidal properties, certified under real conditions of use. The French company presents a new product : MS-Sticker®, the adhesive and flexible variant of MetalSkin®.

Initially created for use in hospitals, the French MetalSkin® technology is the result of work carried out by MetalSkin Technologies teams with hygiene, health and epidemic risk prevention professionals for nearly 15 years. It claims to eradicate 99% of bacteria in 3 minutes and to inhibit 99.5% of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) between 2 and 4 hours.

“Given the health situation, it had become essential for us to make available products that could be used on a larger scale. We would like MS-Sticker® to meet this growing demand for hygiene at the heart of companies”, Stéphane Penari, President of MetalSkin Technologies SAS.

MS-Sticker®: a certified adhesive easy to apply

Manufactured in France, MS-Sticker adhesives are designed to coat surfaces repeatedly touched by heterogeneous populations in order to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses. The MetalSkin technology, which is harmless to humans, takes the form of a self-decontaminating adhesive formulated with an alloy composed mainly of copper and which can be applied to all types of flat, cylindrical and relief-free surfaces (e.g. switches, handles, knobs, doorbells…).

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